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What services can myVet provide during a housecall?




Complete Annual Wellness Examinations and Vaccination: 



In the past, people believed they simply needed to visit the vet every year for their pet's yearly "jabs" or "shots".  Fortunately there is now greater understanding that this important visit represents so much more.  Animals have a powerful instinct to hide their ailments; revealing any weakness or disease is poor survival strategy.  Annual wellness checks and preventive care help detect and address  problems before they become serious.  The earlier a problem is found, the easier it is to overcome.

Infectious diseases in our environment such as parvovirus and are all too often fatal, especially in pups and kittens.  Fortunately, vaccinations have played a pivotal role in preventing these and other serious diseases in your pets.  Using a risk versus benefit approach, Dr Sandra will help you create an individualized vaccine protocol for each of your pets. 




Examination, diagnosis, and treatment of your pet when it is sick: 


When your pet is ill, avoiding the stress of car travel and exposure to contagious disease in a conventional clinic environment is ideal.   Laboratory samples can be collected at home if necessary.  The possibility of a plan for treatment at home will be discussed if this is in the best interest of your pet.   If necessary, a trip to a trusted local veterinary hospital will be recommended.  At myVet, we work in close connection with a trusted veterinary hospital. Each case will be considered individually with your pet's best interest in mind, and a decision will be made with you as to which is the best solution for optimal care.





Management of chronic pain


Above all, comfort and quality of life are paramount.  Life with chronic pain threatens this, and we as pet owners struggle also, bearing witness to this journey.  Here at myVet, we are dedicated to alleviation of pain, attacking it from as many angles as possible.  Through exercise and guided rehabilitation, nutrition and dietary supplementation, safe choices for pain medication, we can help in a very meaningful way... maximizing comfort, minimizing side effects.  Comfort means mobility, mobility means life in our pets. 





Individualized Flea and Parasite Control Programs:  


Parasites such as fleas and worms are "unwanted passengers" in or on your pet which can significantly affect its health and also infect you and your family (especially young children and the elderly.  Dr Sandra will develop a program tailored to the specific lifestyle of your pet and your pet's particular environmental situation to ensure all steps are taken to achieve and maintain a parasite free household.


Dietary Counseling: 




Dr Sandra will review and provide guidance regarding your pet's nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance, performance, and unique needs during the senior years.                                                                                     




In Depth Behavioral Counseling: 


Behavior problems such as chewing, biting, scratching, urine spraying and marking, can be as lethal to a pet as physical disease; it is not uncommon for pets with such behavior problems to be presented to a veterinarian for euthanasia.  Diagnosing and treating behavioral problems accurately and early is key to successful resolution.  A housecall veterinary visit is an ideal way to observe your pet in its own environment, collect important information with regards to motivation for behavioral disorders, and treat them successfully!





Microchip placement for permanent identification:


Microchip placement is a simple procedure performed by injection underneath the skin, it's over in seconds!  But the benefits are lifelong.  Making sure your pet is microchipped is the most effective and permanent means by which you can ensure your pet is identified and will find its way back to you if it were lost. Many countries require microchip identification for travel; if you plan on traveling now or in the future with your pet, please discuss this with Dr Sandra.




Full Laboratory Service: 


Through myVet, you and your pet have access to complete veterinary diagnostic laboratory facilities providing for serum chemistry, hematology, immunology, serology, urinalysis and parasite testing, histology and more.    In most cases, all necessary samples can easily be collected from your pet in your own home. 



myVet maintains an extensive inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, medicated shampoos, and parasite control products to be dispensed as needed to meet the needs of your pet.  Having trouble giving those medications to your finicky feline?  Not to worry, you are not alone.  At myVet, we work closely with selected compounding pharmacies to quickly provide you with alternate solutions which overcome these hurdles.  Imagine medication in the form of a paste, liquid or tablet in your kitty's favorite flavors... all possible.... just ask!


Official Health Certificates for Pet Travel:


Your pet's required health exam and certification will be performed in the safety of your own home without risk of exposure to infections or illness just prior to its upcoming travel date.

Personal palliative care and hospice:


As your pet ages, or if she has been diagnosed with a life long disease, you may be faced with the need for more frequent veterinary visits for treatment required.  Calling on myVet to come to your home will allow access to these important treatments, thereby providing optimal comfort and quality of life without putting your ill pet through the stress of multiple trips to a veterinary hospital. 


Humane Euthanasia in the privacy of your own home:


Making the decision to say goodbye to our pet may be the most difficult decision we ever make.   Dr Sandra and the caring staff of myVet will enable you to guide your pet peacefully through the final chapter of its journey in the comfort of its own surroundings, without the stress or discomfort of transport to a conventional hospital setting.  The ability to remain at home provides utmost privacy for your family, your pet, and yourself during this very meaningful and intimate time.  If you'd like to read what people are sharing about their experiences,  please click here...


Cremation and memorial services are proudly offered via Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center and Crematorium.



Surgical and Specialty referrals:


In Vancouver we are fortunate to have access to some of the country's best veterinary specialists.  Did you know that there are veterinary ophthalmologists, dermatologists, cardiologists and surgeons with specialty training for your pets, just to name a few?  If standard diagnostics and veterinary care just don't seem enough to solve your pet's health concerns, myVet works in close association with a wide array of veterinary specialists.  Either by verbal or written communication with specialists, or by referral of you and your pet to visit these specialty facilities in person, all efforts will be made to successfully diagnose and solve any health concerns you may have for your pet.




Although housecall practice does not lend itself easily to provide you with critical emergency care, at myVet we strive to be available by telephone and by email as much as possible.  Should you be unable to reach Dr Sandra in the event of an emergency, please call the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic at 604-734-5104 (24 hours daily).