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We are doing our best to prepare for your pet's wellness visit!  In order to help us do so, please provide us these details in advance.  Simply take 5 or 10 minutes to complete this form, and submit to us.  The more we know, the better we can help you help your pet not only survive, but thrive for years to come....

Wellness Consultation: Pre-Visit

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What form of diet do you feed your pet? Please check all that apply. (required)
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Are you giving regular medications or supplements? Please specify (required)

Have you noticed any of the following more than once per month? (check all that apply)
Diarrhea or soft stools
Constipation or Problems passing stools
Blood in Stools
Picky Appetite or Inappetance
Increasing water consumption or urine volume
Lethargy or lack of Energy
Itchy skin
Limping or decreasing ability to run, jump, rise, climb stairs
Stiffness when walking
Weight loss
Weight gain
If you have checked any boxes above, please provide any further detail you are able

Outdoor access/contact with other pets or animals- please check all that apply
Indoor exclusively
Patio access
Outdoors under supervision only
Visits off-leash or leash-optional pet areas
Able to Roam Free outdoors unsupervised
Attends pet daycare
Visits groomer regularly
In the past 12 months have you travelled to any of the following locations with your pet?
United States
Dental care/strategies for your pet : please check all you use regularly
Oral cleansing wipes, brushing, dental spray
Prescription dental care diet
Dental treats
Optimized water consumption
Professional dental cleanings as necessary
Routine flea, tick and worm control for your pet: please check all that apply
Revolution for Fleas and Worms
Sentinel tablets for Fleas and Worms
Bravecto tablets for Ticks and Fleas
Program injections (cats only) for fleas only
Advantage for fleas only
Deworming tablets
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Do you need us to bring any of your pet's medications, supplements or food when we visit you?

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