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Updated March 27th, 2020--


As you know, all in-person MyVet home visit veterinary consultations have been suspended until such time it is deemed safe for all involved, to resume entering your homes and provide the same level of personal service we have strived for in the past.  At this time, we do anticipate that due to COVID 19 and public health efforts to contain its spread,  the necessary pause in our service may unfortunately be a matter of months, as opposed to weeks.


In all British Columbia conventional veterinary hospitals, veterinarians and staff are limited to essential service only at this time; all elective procedures and visits for the purpose of wellness and health maintenance will be postponed unless absolutely necessary.   It is important that should your pet be due for annual vaccinations, you minimize its risk of exposure if at all possible, and communicate with us if this is not possible in your individual circumstances. 


The CVBC, our governing body, recognizes this is a very unique time and has provided veterinarians latitude to, under certain circumstances, provide care for patients currently under our care by use of telephone or video calls.  Please be aware there are limitations as to what we can do to help you over the telephone.  Our inability to perform a hands-on examination of your pet will not be appropriate in all circumstances; our ability to correctly diagnose and select safe and effective treatment for your pet may be limited.  Telemedicine is not a substitute for attending an emergency clinic with your pet if urgent care is needed.


Based on the information you provide us by either telephone, video chat or emailed photographs, you will be given guidance as to whether or not reasonable diagnosis can be made, or that you are safest to proceed to your nearest conventional clinic with your pet.  If it is deemed appropriate, you will be given guidance as to what you might do to help your pet at home, and possible clinical symptoms to watch for which might require follow up or decision to contact a veterinary hospital for hands-on care.   If a functional working diagnosis can be made based on the information available, we may, during this unique time,  legally provide prescription medication for your pet. 


As is always the case, we must have sufficient and recent direct knowledge of your pet in order to provide prescription medication; we are unable to provide this service to new patients, or patients we have not seen in the recent past. 


Pricing for Telemedicine consultations will be $49 +GST per 15 minutes or portion.


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