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Prescription/Supply Refills with myVet:


In our ongoing effort to make your pet's health care as convenient and easy as possible, you can now request your pet's regular medications, diets and supplies by submitting this form. 

Please note: All prescription medication refills must be approved by Dr Sandra.  If your pet has not been seen recently or his/her condition was not deemed stable at last assessment, reassessment may be required before we can legally dispense prescription medication.  These recommendations are made with your pet's best interest in mind.  


Once your order is approved, you will receive an invoice by email; **once payment is made, your medication will be ordered if we do not currently have it in stock


Please allow 7 working days to have your request filled and prepared after your invoice is paid; special order prescriptions may take longer.


Thank you for your attention to detail; our goal is to provide you with all medications, diets and supplies your pet needs as efficiently as possible!  


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