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Bringing a World of Veterinary Specialty to You and Your Pets...

myVet is a proud member of Veterinary Information Network giving you and your pets access to cutting edge specialists in all facets of Veterinary Medicine. By discussing your pet's individual case history with the global team of Veterinary Specialists on VIN, Dr Sandra can harness this broad pool of knowledge to aid in solving difficult cases, optimizing the opportunity for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of your pet's health concerns.  VIN also provides Dr Sandra a vast library of the most current veterinary information, all accessible at the click of a mouse.  


You can take advantage of the Veterinary Information Network as well!  Veterinary Partner, a sister network to VIN, is a trusted and informative web resource which allows you as a responsible pet owner to read and learn more about all aspects of your pet's health.  Just click on our Pet Health Library and start learning!