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Introducing Sandra L. Madden, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Dr Sandra Madden Mobile Veterinary Visits in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Bowen Island





Dr Sandra is a fully qualified veterinary doctor living in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  After completing qualifying undergraduate courses at the University of British Columbia, she went on to graduate with distinction in 1994 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan, Canada. 


Dr Sandra has since enjoyed over twenty-five years of veterinary practice, including one year with a veterinary dental specialist, three years in veterinary emergency and critical care, six years in feline (cats only) specialty practice, and four years overseas in small animal general practice.  In 2012, Dr Sandra returned home to the North Shore and established MyVet Home Veterinary Services, where she has found great meaning in providing gentle veterinary care in the comfort of her patients' homes ever since.  

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Dr Sandra's four years living as an expat in the United Arab Emirates were exciting ones... she created the region's first ever mobile small animal veterinary service for cats and dogs, serving the city of Abu Dhabi, and providing a link for veterinary care to more isolated desert communities.   Her service was wholeheartedly embraced by the pet-loving community!  It was there where she discovered her passion for housecall veterinary care.  

Whilst living in the middle east, Dr Sandra and her husband John fell prey to the irresistible character of two canine Abu Dhabi strays, Jebel and Clover, who've now wiggled their way into the family and rule the household.  In their spare time, Dr Sandra and John enjoyed traveling, and trekking to the desert with their four legged family members to explore and enjoy time under the stars with friends. 

Dr Sandra Madden House Call Veterinary Visits in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Bowen Island









Jeb and Clovie, along with Dr Sandra and John, now romp the trails of the North Shore and embrace being where the air is fresh and green, and family is close by.


Dr Sandra's specific interests are small animal geriatric medicine, pain management, palliative care, feline medicine, dentistry, and animal welfare. She embraces as many opportunities as possible to further her veterinary education by attending local and international veterinary conferences. She is a current member of the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia, the International Society of Feline Medicine, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Information Network.