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Our dear MyVet pet-loving community, we have taken great pride in serving you and playing the role we have in keeping your four-legged family members thriving.  Over time, during the pandemic, we came to realize it would be impossible to maintain the same standard of care we've always strived for without entering your homes; we have thus suspended our service until such time we feel we can re-initiate in a way that is safe for all involved.  

We would like to thank you, very sincerely for your patience and for having entrusted us with the care of your four-legged family.... we have developed relationships of warmth, trust and meaning which we miss immensely.  Each of you has played a special role in the meaning of our mobile veterinary care service and what it became; we've learned from you and been inspired by your devotion to the remarkable creatures we share our lives with.  We wish each of you very well in your path forward and will look forward to helping you again in the future!  

Until then, with fondness and very best wishes, 

Dr Sandra

** If you had not received our notice of closure by email/telephone, and have not made prior arrangements for transfer of medical records to an alternate veterinary facility, please contact the facility of your choice and ask them to reach out to us or send a message to
Should your pet have immediate or urgent veterinary needs, please proceed to your nearest conventional veterinary clinic, call Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic at 604-879-3737, Canada West Veterinary Specialists at 604-473-4882 or Mountainside Animal Hospital at 604-973-1247.   





"My name is Dr Sandra Madden; I've actively practiced small animal veterinary medicine since 1994. During this time, I was often faced with the need to move quickly through consultations with my patients and my clients. My patients' anxiety was often peaked by unfamiliar sounds and smells in the clinic, car-rides and goings on in the waiting room. I felt I often lacked the time I desired with my clients to answer  questions and explore options thoroughly. I couldn't help but think there must be a way to overcome some of these challenges.  Personal service is precious, as are your pets; I wish you a warm welcome to MyVet.  


More often than not, visits to veterinary clinics are completed on an outpatient basis. This means your pet does not stay in hospital after your visit.  By creating myVet, my vision has been to create a convenient, personal, positive, outpatient veterinary experience in the comfort of your home environment.  Think of us as a refreshed version of the traditional housecall doctor service for animals. Whether your new puppy needs her first wellness consultation and vaccines, or your senior kitty just doesn't seem to be feeling quite right, myVet is a perfect solution to ensure your pets receive the veterinary care they need. "





If you know your pet becomes stressed outside its own home ...




Anyone who has tried to load their fearful feline into a carrier for a trip to the vet can attest to the fact this is rarely a simple task!  If we look at the world through Fluffy's eyes, when we scoop her up, coerce her into her carrier, and weave through traffic to a place with unfamiliar sounds and smells this can be a frightening experience.  Suddenly, she is out of her established area of safety and you, her trusted ally, have directly contributed.   




If you have a young puppy/kitten, a sick pet, or an elderly pet...





Even when we visit the doctor ourselves, we may inadvertently be exposed to the viruses or bacteria carried by other clinic patients.  The same goes for our pets.  What's more, we are now enterring the age of "super-bugs" where medicines used in the past no longer work to cure these resistant infections.  When our pets are stressed, ill, very young, or entering their senior years, their immune systems are often less able to protect them in general. Keeping pets in your home environment helps avoid possible exposure to additional infection. 



 If you have more than one four-legged family member...






Take that trip to the vet clinic, multiply it by the number of pets in your household, and feel your own blood pressure rising!  Packing everyone into the car or waiting in a crowded waiting room may seem a daunting task with one pet, let alone two or three.  Why not have your veterinarian come to you instead? 






If you have an elderly or ill pet needing ongoing supportive care and treatment...




At some point in life, your pet may require repeated veterinary visits/treatments to maintain her health, comfort, and quality of life. The need for repeated trips to the vet clinic with an ailing pet can become a limiting factor in the decision to continue treatment. By choosing myVet, this need not be a factor in decisions made; all possible treatment will be delivered in your home.




If you embrace your home environment as a place to heal....





We all know that stress can suppress immunity and delay healing.  Staying in the hospital can be scary.  Veterinary care in your home, whenever possible, can play a powerful part in the speed of your pet's recovery from illness or injury.  Many problems can very appropriately be treated and resolved without need for hospitalization.